Autumn Came Quickly

.. This year. Or it seemed like it, with August feeling like a damp Spring, and early September missing the end of BBQ weather it got last year. Instead this year, global warming (or not if this happened a hundred years ago?) brought us the hottest September 30th & 1st October on record (since the late 1800’s), with temperatures hitting the 30’s in some areas. What has the weather got to do with this blog you say? well the glorious weather from last Saturday quickly changed to the usual Autumnal fare, lots of rain, hats & even gloves needed at one point, it’s hard to believe that a week ago we had a fan on to cool the bedroom for sleep and that blokes were walking the streets with their shorts on and shirts off to stay cool.
So again, how does this fit in with my blog? well it really doesn’t but as I’m keeping to the posting every day, and yesterday’s blog was delayed until today due to being out very late and I’ve done nothing exciting today as it’s been horrendous weather, you can see I’ve made full circle, finally.

A lovely autumnal photo from October last year

The nothing exciting I’ve done today included processing two, yes two! batches of photographs, from last week’s flickr meet and last night’s bowling adventure, and I developed another roll of B&W film from the fridge, this one turned out better and surprised me, as it has photos from my 2010 trip to Wales, as well as photos from the Salford photo walk earlier this year… so it seems I’m more behind in photography stuff that I originally thought. Although tomorrow I may actually get around to scanning some of afore mentioned films to post on the blog..

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