Pin Up Bowling

When I heard that Pin Up Bowling was in town, I knew there was only one this for it – get on the blower to the esteemed members of my knitting club who may be known more for their forays into drinking than their knitting, for a night of 1950’s glamour.

Pin Up Bowling's Pop Up Bowling Alley on Hardman's Square

So on a rainy Friday night (no change there then, Manchester) we got our fairly posh 1950’s frocks on and headed down to Spinningfields for a night of ‘Balls, Booze, Burgers & Beats’. With 2 for 1 cocktails & beers 2 for £5 during happy hour(s) of 5-7pm, which is extended until 9pm for lucky Yellow Card holders (this also gets a nice discount on your game of bowling), and some mighty fine all American diner food (classic cheese burgers and the chilli cheese dogs are both highly recommended by Knit Club) Pin Up Bowling is the place to be, until it packs up to pop up in city someplace else.

Chilli Cheese Dawg ©Claire Howson

It was fairly busy when we arrived and were denied the pleasure of a booth,  however everything about the pop up bowling alley & diner does feels pretty damn close to the real thing, although non of us were alive in the 1950’s, it looks and makes you feel like you’re in Happy Days with the retro American theme (we had a gen-u-ine, bona-fide American gal to rate the authenticity).

2 for 1 Cocktails at the Bar

This pop up alley has 4 lanes, which you can book a time slot for, once you get there. the whole atmosphere is very cosy and relaxed, a lot quieter than I would’ve expected for a Friday night, as they’ve been getting some well known Manchester DJ’s in to fill up the dance floor (find them on facebook for the latest updates, including Lindy Hop Lessons on Thursday evenings). When our turn came, we were given the Booze lane!

Balls, Booze, Burgers & Beats

All I can say is, it’s not as easy as it is on the wii to get a strike (or even to keep the ball straight), bowling shoes look less geeky when in 50’s gear, and cocktails help your spin (the last bit may or may not be true). After the game finished, we managed to snag a booth, where we tried even more cocktails and browsed the upcoming events, including Back to the Future and Big Lebowski themed nights along side a classic car show and a couple of Vintage & retro fairs.

Pin Up Bowling is in Manchester until 6th November, get down there or be a square.

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