On Film

Ok so yesterday i started working on my back log of B&W film waiting to be developed (roll 1 of 5), only managing 1 roll before bed. And the images on it didn’t look too promising, a couple of ok, but mostly seemed under exposed / developed, but luckily it wasn’t ‘important’ stuff, just some experimental double/triple exposure stuff in the park near my house.

On film


Which reminds me, I saw a new bird at the pond yesterday morning, but wasn’t fast enough to catch a decent photo of it – but it looked like a crane or an egret. Either way it was gone by lunch time when the husband headed out with his camera.

Nothing else exciting happened today, apart from my printing ink arriving from Intaglio Printmakers in London (yay), and being summoned for jury service – (partial yay), second time in 5 years. So I guess I know what to expect, but it looks like i’ll be there in the run up to Christmas, which is bad for several reasons – proximity to Christmas markets, leading to money spent & gluewein consumed at said Christmas Markets in the evenings afterwards (all this assuming I get put on ‘normal’ cases that don’t involve being locked up in a hotel or something crazy).


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