At indyManBeerCon with my beer wife, Kirst

I’m a keen photographer, a printmaker, avid reader, gig goer, traveller and lover of beer. This blog may or may not include some or all of the above in some format, when I get around to posting – I swear I spend more time musing over what I want to write about than actual writing, I’m a professional procrastinator.

I moved to Oxford from Manchester in Autumn 2014 but still feel like a newbie and love exploring the city… also slightly enamoured with Iceland and will be visiting for the 5th time in Winter 2017. I love all things language; new words, patterns and rhythms and currently attempting to learn Swedish, so I find it sort of ironic that I often struggle to find the right words to articulate my thoughts.

Time for the icky bit – unless otherwise specified all photographs are © Karen Morecroft (i.e. me!) and may not be used or reproduced without permission. If you want to reblog/link to something unaltered that’s fine as long as it links back to where you found it on my site, I’m a huge geek where web stats are concerned and love finding out how people have stumbled upon my photos!

In the unlikely event where images are not taken by me, I try in all cases to link to the original / credit as appropriate please contact theculturenator at gmail dot com with any queries.

Occasionally I post travel related articles over at the sister blog the Journeynator

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