At IndyManBeerCon with Kirst

Photographer, printmaker, currently trying out digital drawing. Love beer, trying new beers, going to taprooms and brewery tours and beer festivals with my mate Kirst. Love reading, love buying books slightly more than reading them (it’s a legit problem). I have a tendancy to read multiple books at a time depending on mood and location (for instance can’t read a hardback on the bus, not enough space, kindle best avoided in the bath for safety), and going to author events and reading any bloody gnre that takes my fancy. Love music, buying lps and going to gigs rather than playing because I don’t have the attention span or general ability to learn an instrument. Fan of the moomins, mostly the moomins themselves rather than the books (of which I’ve read a couple), and the fuzzy felt versions of the cartoons, haven’t seen the latest series despite backing the crowdfunder for it. I enjoy languages, in another life I might have been a linguist if I could just sit still long enough. Have been learning Swedish on duolingo for a few years, occassionally switch to Norweigan when the mood takes me. On and I crochet a fair bit too, much like my reading it’s pretty chaotic having multiple projects on the go, buying more yarn than I need or could use over the next few years. I’ve always wanted to try knitting, but when would I have the time?

Have lived in Oxford now for 9 years, still haven’t seen and done everything I intended when moving here, still have a strong love of the North.

A polite notice:

Affiliate links: Occassionally (usually on my book review pages) I have affiliate links to my local independent book store Blackwell’s. This means that if you click through and make a purchase from Blackwell’s I receive a small renumeration in return (approx 6%), but only if you buy something, of course other book sellers are available and I’d encourage you to support your local independent book store where possible!
Copyright: unless otherwise specified all photographs are © Karen Morecroft (i.e. me!) and may not be used or reproduced without permission. If you want to reblog/link to something unaltered that’s fine as long as it links back to where you found it on my site, I’m a huge geek where web stats are concerned and love finding out how people have stumbled upon my photos! In the unlikely event where images are not taken by me, I try in all cases to link to the original / credit as appropriate please contact theculturenator at gmail dot com with any queries.

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