After spending the last few evenings developing my back log of B&W film, I’ve finally got around to scanning it today. Quite a few surprises in there, one roll of film started in Wales about a year ago and finished on the Salford Photo Walk I organised earlier this year. Along with photos from Bilbao and a recent trip to Victoria Baths.

Some less successful than others, I’ll just concentrate on the successful ones tonight (and I’ll try to ignore than in my haste I scanned in almost an entire 36 roll at the wrong size..) . One of the things I love about film is finding those photos you’d forgotten you’d taken as it can lead to a nice surprise such as this night shot of the Museum in Bilbao

Museo Bilbao

Which I think I prefer over the colour version, as I think the atmosphere is retained. Another favourite from that roll was a self portrait in the mirrored walls of the lift, just for the fun factor really, but also the way the lights are reflected across the ceiling into infinity behind my head

elevator portrait
Self portrait in lift

The stuff from Victoria Baths was quite hit & miss, with several coming out very dark and spooky (aka under exposed) -my favourite though is this multiple exposure, can’t quite remember if it was 2 or 3, but either way, the layering of the doorways was just what I was after

multiple exposure of Victoria Baths
Victoria Baths - Doorways

So now I’m quite excited to see how the rolls of colour are going to turn out although that will be a while, now that there is no where decent in Manchester City Centre / North side to get 120 processing done and I have to post it off in batches.

Final shot of today is from the afore mentioned photo walk that took in Weaste Cemetery, very peaceful place for a wander on a chilly Sunday in spring.

Loving Memory

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