Intro to Illustrator

So tonight was the night of my Introduction to Graphic Design, the night we cracked open the secret chest that holds the mysteries of Illustrator. Illustrator is really different to use compared to Photoshop, and most of my friends who use it have described as a steep learning curve. After failing to grasp the basics with ‘Illustrator for dummies’ to hand, and obviously proving to the world, what a real dummy I was, I managed to get a friend round to show me the basics. This made me go ‘oh’ as I realised what it was that I was doing wrong with points and nodes and handles. The ‘oooh’ as I was shown all these ‘simple but fancy’ things that made stuff look cool. However, me being me (the professional procrastinator) had a play myself but then didn’t really progress past that. So when my local college announced a free course that included Illustrator, to be held at a school even more locally – I jumped at the chance.

Quackers Mate

So here you have it – my first attempt at drawing, practicing and messing around in a 2 hour lesson.

Ok so I’m no Leonardo yet, but just you wait…

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