So I updated my 43 Things page yesterday, for those who’ve never used it before, it’s basically a list of goals you want to achieve that can be as big or small as you like.
As I’ve been fairly successful so far with my daily blogging, it’s spurred me on to increase my time spent reading (surely if I can find the time to write everyday, I can find time to read?), so I set myself a book challenge. Quite simple – 6 books in 3 months (Oct-Dec), making that a book every two weeks but not including the one I’ve half finished before starting this challenge as that would be cheating!
Today I carefully selected 6 books from my pending shelf which includes several I’ve started but never got going with

6 Books, 3 Months


John Berger’s infamous Ways Of Seeing was on my reading list for University, I never got into it properly and the bits I did read are long gone from my memory. Baudelaire was suggested to me by one of my Uni tutors and again, barely touched. Life Of Pi is on the Guardian’s 100 Books you can’t live without, that I started reading my way through a few years ago, I bought it in a charity shop in Cardiff last year and read part of it on the train home.

I’ve never read nor seen A Clockwork Orange, but it is part of a collection of Penguin Classics I received last year sometime that people assure me is worth the effort, the story line didn’t seem appealing to me, but I’ve never let that stop me in the past.

Lastly the two bottom books are part of a topographic series, based on city experiences – I read one of by Victor Bergin that just seemed to speak to me, so I am really  looking forward to those two.


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