Bluedot day 2

More rain, it will be evening until we can be sure the worst had passed. We start the day with the Luminarium – if you’ve never been inside one they sort of look like a weird bouncy castle from the outside, inside there is a space created from the same sort of fabric as a bouncy castle but not bouncy, of various shapes and the light inside is created by transparent panels and the natural light. There’s also calming music playing which didn’t seem to be having an effect on the kids who kept getting told off for running- it’s a delicate space.

Next up was an activity that had been foiled the day before due to tech issues, the Makers space from Blackburn had a laser cutter onsite and by inputting your date of birth or other important date a solar map of that date was created and then laser etched into wood for a necklace – very cool, it even left a space for a bluedot to be inserted.

The weather has perked up a bit so we next as a bit of Henge in the main stage with their extraterrestrial line up, a fantastic band who claim to be from outer space and seem a bit silly but their songs are actually about the environment and the damage we are doing to the planet – educational and entertaining, we’ve seen a lot of henge merch today. We followed this up with Liines who were on as part of BBC introducing and sounded promising from their bio but didn’t wow me that much.

next up was more chilling by the main stage with the Easy Star Allstars performing Dub Side of the Moon ~ a reggae dub version of the Pink Floyd classic in case you hadn’t guessed.

We also saw part of Rob Newman’s comedy show which we’d already seen on tour but we had to leave early for a loo break – it was incredibly popular so no point trying to get back in for a seat.

Back to more music we saw a bit of Spill Gold and then the highly anticipated TVAM, it pronounced Tuh-vam or just TV- AM like the 80s breakfast show? Either way he was very impressive with cool visuals on an actual telly hooked up to a VHS which was then replicated on the big screen and the music was good, guitars and layers of sound – the pit photographers couldn’t get enough of his face, they literally spent several songs ensuring every angle of his visage was covered, even when the other guy who I assume is also in the band but does the keyboard electronic stuff got no look-in.

We finished the evening with Kraftwerk, we even got 3D glasses! But I’ll be honest it was a little underwhelming? The graphics were ok but other bands have smashed that out the park here at Jodrell Bank and if you’re like my husband who 3D glasses don’t work for, you just got slightly blurry versions of the same imagery.

Of course a few of the big tunes were played but not until much later such as Trans-europe Express and Autobahn but it wasn’t enough to hold us and back to the tent we went for the night.

Autumn Came Quickly

.. This year. Or it seemed like it, with August feeling like a damp Spring, and early September missing the end of BBQ weather it got last year. Instead this year, global warming (or not if this happened a hundred years ago?) brought us the hottest September 30th & 1st October on record (since the late 1800’s), with temperatures hitting the 30’s in some areas. What has the weather got to do with this blog you say? well the glorious weather from last Saturday quickly changed to the usual Autumnal fare, lots of rain, hats & even gloves needed at one point, it’s hard to believe that a week ago we had a fan on to cool the bedroom for sleep and that blokes were walking the streets with their shorts on and shirts off to stay cool.
So again, how does this fit in with my blog? well it really doesn’t but as I’m keeping to the posting every day, and yesterday’s blog was delayed until today due to being out very late and I’ve done nothing exciting today as it’s been horrendous weather, you can see I’ve made full circle, finally.

A lovely autumnal photo from October last year

The nothing exciting I’ve done today included processing two, yes two! batches of photographs, from last week’s flickr meet and last night’s bowling adventure, and I developed another roll of B&W film from the fridge, this one turned out better and surprised me, as it has photos from my 2010 trip to Wales, as well as photos from the Salford photo walk earlier this year… so it seems I’m more behind in photography stuff that I originally thought. Although tomorrow I may actually get around to scanning some of afore mentioned films to post on the blog..