Contemporary Art & Karlstejn Castle

So it seems my foray into NaBloPoMo is going poorly, as in I was too drunk to post Saturday and to exhausted Sunday, so it’s catch up time.


Saturday we had a huge lie in, as the hotel only had room for ‘brunch’  11am-12pm  left, so after a hearty meal of eggs,  bacon, cheese etc we set off into the Old Town where we’d found out we could get a free bus at 1pm to Dox Centre for Contemporary Art in Holesovice. Here there was no less than four exhibitions on, AMOR PSYCHE ACTION – VIENNA. The Feminine in Viennese Actionism we were told was quite unpleasant and had an 18+ rating. It had photos a lot from the 70’s of things such as castration, and performance art / actionism whereby people looked like they were covered in intestines of animals and blood and paint etc until they looked like they were injured/dying. Maybe I’ve seen too much but it wasn’t particularly shocking, or new… a lot of it felt very..contrived. But hey, onwards and upwards to the tower with Jan Jakub Kotík – Forces of Resistanceover 4 floors. It didn’t really make much of an impression on me, so not much to report. The most interesting exhibition was the Hidden River, an exhibition from students at the Studio of Photography of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD) in Prague which just felt a bit more fresh and alive than the other stuff we’d seen.

Prague Old Town Markets

After this we headed back into the Old Town where we perused the not-yet-christmas-markets, which were very similar to the Christmas European Markets about to descend on Manchester in a matter of weeks. Shopping for wooden gifts can only amuse for so long so then it was time to head back to the hotel to drop our heavy bags before heading out for dinner, we went back to somewhere we’d failed to get in on Friday night due to crowds, Jiny Stav – a restaurant we enjoyed so much on our last Prague trip we probably ate there most evenings. However, it would seem that the menu has changed considerably since last time and we weren’t as spoilt for choice as much as previously, so whilst we both had really nice meals we probably won’t be rushing back this trip.

We then headed back to our room where we decided unwisely to drink a few Czech vodkas that gave us the hangover of a lifetime on Sunday!

On Sunday we didn’t do too much – apart from getting a train out of Prague to Karlstejn to visit the castle.

Karlstein Castle
Karlstejn Castle

then getting back to our hotel, having food then reading until bed time. rock n roll.

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