National Blog Posting Month / Beer in Prague

apparently it’s November, I coulda sworn it was October last month? but anways it’s here and as usual on top form I’m late. However I’m also in Prague and there’s every chance I’ll have something to blog about every day if I get the chance.

We left our house about 11am this morning, 12 hours later we’re sat exhausted in our Prague hotel room (Miss Sophies’) watching a 90’s Music channel whilst eating novelty foodstuff such as Duff beer and paprika flavoured pretezel sticks.

Duff Beer
Duff Beer

Everything was going fine for most part, we got a taxi to the train station, a train to the airport, checked in painlessly, then queued for about 30 minutes for security before relaxing in Manchester airport’s Terminal 1 which we’ve not been in before, it’s a lot better than either 2 or 3 which ever one serves First Choice and Easy Jet! there’s actually a choice of bars/restaurants for a start – rather than one of each,  also actual airport shopping if that’s your thing. Quite impressed.

Then at 2pm we tootled off to our departure gate as requested, where we were promptly told that the plane we were supposed to be departing on in 25 minutes time had a fault that had to be located and repaired by engineers and that we could leave the gate area but to be back in half an hour. Long story short we ended up landing over an hour late, after a more than crappy flight. Stroppy air hostesses (thanks Jet 2), drunk stag groups, and there being no room in the over head lockers as the cabin crew use it as overspill not to mention the couple next to us who managed to have a blazing row just as the plane was coming in to landing that went on until well after disembarkation!

Being 1.5 hours late might not sound that big a deal but try finding a restaurant with a spare table at 8pm on a friday night in a city that apparently does not embrace the “stool at the bar, have a drink while you wait” culture that we’ve grown accustomed to at home! By some sheer fluke (after being turned away from about 7 restaurants) one had the foresight to seat smaller groups of people on larger tables, we shared with a German family which we had no problem with, in Pivovarský dům, a very popular microbrewery very close to our hotel (which we’d visited previously).

Here I took advantage of the beer sampler option – 8 miniture ‘pint’ glasses holding 0.1L each of the following beers: traditional Czech pale lager, traditional Czech dark lager, coffee beer, sour cherry beer, wheat beer, Monthly special beer (blueberry), Nettle beer and banana beer!

8 Beer Sampler



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