Prague Zoo – redux

Yesterday (Monday) we went to the Zoo. We have previously been to Prague Zoo, but it’s huge and very easy to spend the whole day. We got there about 10am, after taking the metro to Holesovice and then getting the 112 bus to the zoo. Catching a bus in Prague is not the polite and refined art of queuing we have in the UK. The buses have 3 sets of doors, and no matter if you’ve been waiting there over 10 minutes and way before any of your fellow passengers  as soon as the doors open everyone surges forward and pushes on where possible. What doesn’t help is the signs saying prams/buggies not allowed then 5, yes 5 mums with buggies stuffed with toddlers they can’t be arsed collapsing piling on and taking up all the space.

Anyway, we started at the Seal enclosure/pool where we were just in time for feeding, where they performed, well, much like performing seals, clapping, waving and generally performing in return for fish.

Seal Swimming

We spent a good 5 hours walking up and down the Zoo which is built into a hillside, seeing leopards, lions, zebras, loads and loads of birds – including a raven who ‘fed’ one of his mice to us by carefully poking it through a small gap in the top of the cage to fall at our feet, makes me love ravens even more and these were huge.

Mice Surprise for lunch

After stopping off a spot of lunch and a beer, we carried on checking out tigers and lots of cute things that were cats, but slightly bigger than normal cats – then really BIG cats. And small dogs with really BIG ears, called Big eared dogs (no, really Otocyon megalotis).

BIG Cat eating nom noms
dog with BIG ears

Then we made our way back to Miss Sophies’ were we had a wee nap, cos all this walking, especially up hills and lots of steps is really taking it’s toll on our old joints. Then we went out for dinner just around the corner, nice food, in fact the ‘mashed potato’ that wasn’t really mashed, but more squidged with cheese, onion & ham was amazing, just a shame they allow smoking or don’t have a separate area for it.

Then for our last stop of the night we headed to Dirty Dog, a cocktail bar renowned for it’s excellent (and amusingly named) drinks, it was definitely worth the metro trip and small walk to find, if they don’t have something you like they’ll whip up something for you, the only downside was the slightly dubious music they were playing at the beginning. We must have had several cocktails, in addition to the beers we had earlier on, plus a free shot for our first foursuare check in, and no hangover! (sound the trumpets), which was very good fortune with the early start today….

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