Iceland road trip (day 5)

Today was a quiet one, we had planned to drive quite far west for a few hours, but one thing and another and we turned around after about an hour – after eating car sandwiches next to another cute church (pretty much this entire journey was on gravel mountain roads, so we were glad to knock it on the head tbh).

Church at Gufudalur

After heading back to our accommodation I decided to try the seemingly easy 1.2 km signposted hike to a waterfall. I was foiled by a barbed wire fence designed to keep sheep where they need to be, and by this point the wind was pretty fierce, visibly blowing the water back up the waterfall and it started to rain, so I made haste back to the car, and back to our cosy little house for some steaming hot coffee!

The waterfall
Room with a view

After dinner we stayed in the lounge area with the live stream of the Iceland Airwaves ‘preview’ which was in person only for those who were attending the industry conference attached to airwaves. The crowd didn’t seem to be very erm… lively. Skoffin were a band parachuted in last minute to replace BSÍ who were ill, and were easily the most memorable band of the night.

There was a good aurora forecast tonight but alas, due to the rain and clouds it was not happening, ah well, there is always tomorrow.

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