Iceland road trip (day 4)

We started out from Stykkisholmur towards Helgafell to visit the church. We were greeted by a very friendly dog who followed us into the church grounds and proceeded to pee on every grave. We’re sorry if this is why the gate is usually closed.

The church
The dog

Next we headed for the Westfjords. Because satnav kept trying to take us back south to join route 1, instead of the more direct and scenic route along the coast we ended up plugging in Búðardalur as a stopping point. Not much was open, but we did manage to grab coffee at a petrol station that had a great yarn selection, it was hard to resist.

Yarn for days

We drove some more, it go snowy and the landscape took on a surreal look of a pencil drawing for a short while. The brushing of snow didn’t quite cover the yellow-orange coloured grass leaving a lovely contrast.


Less than an hour later we found ourselves in Reykhólahreppur, which was still about 10 minutes drive from our accommodation. The village had a shop with attached cafe (which didn’t appear to be open), so we picked up a few supplies. It also had a nice church, and apparently a swimming pool which turned out was closed on Wednesdays, but that was fine – we were the only people staying in the 4 bedroom summerhouse/cottage on a farmstead. It had glorious floor to ceiling windows looking out towards the sea (there is a lot of shallow waters around this area which makes for good bird spotting in summer months), and comfy reclining chairs to soak in the view from. We were staying here for two days so it was nice to just relax and not rush off somewhere else.

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