Blog Challenge: Creating a vision for the future

Today is more difficult, I’m supposed to write my perfect day from waking up to going to sleep. Thing is, I don’t really know what makes a perfect day, I know what makes a good day, so after reading through some other people’s responses, I think I’ll attempt something maybe not perfect but as close to as I can manage.

The perfect viewing spot, Cafe des Nattes, Tunisia

So I awake early, like 6am – and I don’t feel like turning the alarm on snooze, I spring out of bed, get dressed and go for a run. It’s sunny, but fresh and there’s an amazing sunrise on the horizon. I make it home in time to get showered and changed and head back out with my camera to photograph things in the sun’s rays. I make it home for brunch and do some writing and spend the afternoon processing the photos I’ve taken (in my perfect life, I never had a massive back log).

I have dinner with my husband and then we either chill out with a good book, or go to see a band perform before heading to bed.

Seems like I only want a few simple things from life after all.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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