Blog Challenge: Unlocking Your Superpowers

Day 4 (although I think I’m technically a day behind on this, the challenge is to post what your super powers are and why you think that. There was also a suggestion of straw polling friends and family to see what they thought. There were some variations, such as being highly organised and capable, technically proficient… to my husband’s response of ‘photography, crochet, blogging, all the stuff you do’ nice that he has so much faith in me, even when I don’t!

In fact I’d previously mentioned in an earlier response to this challenge, that if I could only apply the same level of organisation to my outside work activities as I do in my day job, I’d probably get a lot more done.

Karlstejn Castle

So I’d list my superpowers as: Photography, when I put my mind as well as my soul into it, creativity, a good eye, and passion will take you far, but knowing your equipment, location, light etc and planning for the unexpected will take you so much further. Some of my favourite and most (critically) successful photos have been where I’ve scouted locations in advance, and had a good idea in my minds eye of what I want to end up with. This superpower of course goes hand in hand with my organisational skills – I am the travel planner in our house, I research everything, sometimes probably to the point of obsession. My day job involves coordinating the diaries of multiple very busy people (no mean feat), I just need the nous to apply it in all areas of my life. Also when I want to learn something technical, because it benefits me, I can handle it, sometimes I can even teach it to others!

So that was my super powers.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Blog Challenge: Creating a vision for the future

Today is more difficult, I’m supposed to write my perfect day from waking up to going to sleep. Thing is, I don’t really know what makes a perfect day, I know what makes a good day, so after reading through some other people’s responses, I think I’ll attempt something maybe not perfect but as close to as I can manage.

The perfect viewing spot, Cafe des Nattes, Tunisia

So I awake early, like 6am – and I don’t feel like turning the alarm on snooze, I spring out of bed, get dressed and go for a run. It’s sunny, but fresh and there’s an amazing sunrise on the horizon. I make it home in time to get showered and changed and head back out with my camera to photograph things in the sun’s rays. I make it home for brunch and do some writing and spend the afternoon processing the photos I’ve taken (in my perfect life, I never had a massive back log).

I have dinner with my husband and then we either chill out with a good book, or go to see a band perform before heading to bed.

Seems like I only want a few simple things from life after all.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3