Airwaves15 – Day 1

We took it quite slow today, starting the day by heading to Kringlan Mall, which we’ve never done before for a bit of shopping. The husand bought a new hat and I, we I bought some yarn. Three lots of yarn from three different shops. I have a lot of crocheting to do when i get home. After walking back to our apartment, we decided to catch some off venue performances and started at Hlemmur Square – a hostel with a great bar (seriously, they have an amazing beer range, complete with menu with tasting notes), only stones throw from our base. First up were For A Minor Reflection, with their amazing intrumental, experimental, post rock throw down, it was packed, so it was more listen than watch – but this always happens with this band. We then decided to hang around for Börn – a proper post-punk band, the leas singer singing and screaming like her heart was being ripped out with a rusty fork at time. She seriously reminded me of Ian Curtis with her onstage performance.

Börn, Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15

Next up was Miri more rock, less punk, grinding guitars and apparently the drummer also works at Hlemmur!

Miri, Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15

The only official ‘on venue’ gig we managed was Mafama at Idno – it was a bit of an odd one, as a venue, it looked initially like we’d stumbled into a restaurant, that used to be an old cinema or theatre (think huge ornate ceiling). We only stayed for a couple of tracks, due to a few aches and pains and the need to sit down being more pressing. I enjoyed what I saw / heard any how – after listening to them via Spotify for the past few months, the traditional band set up (bar the singer with his errr noise making machine) really surprised me.

Mafama - Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15

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