Bluedot festival day 3

The weather finally dried out enough to enjoy the day and we set out to see as much as possible for the last day, it definitely felt quieter in the main arena until at least mid afternoon.

We started out with a wander around the Science stuff again, I made a badge with the Manchester Museum which was fun – based on these positive plates that have been found at the museum (56,000 of them!) there’s some enlargements hanging in the photo above. Then we checked out what Extinction Rebellion were up to – printing on t-shirts was the answer (ok they were also having deep discussions but we didn’t hang around), we didn’t have any spares so headed to the Oatly tent and pledged to not drink normal milk for 3 days and got free t-shirts, however at this point we’d forgotten about the printing so just headed to see Abbie Ozard.

Extinction Rebellion tent
T-shirt and bag printing with Extinction rebellion
Abbie Ozard at Bluedot Festival 2019

We had no idea what to expect but like most of the bands we saw on the Nebula stage over the weekend, a pleasant surprise – she was part of the BBC sounds introducing stage, and played guitar laden dark lyrical indie pop songs, apart from her newest single which sounded way too upbeat and happy for my taste.

Bluedot arena wanderings – 99th Garrison doing photo-ops

Then after a lounge around and lunch in the main arena (this time not involving halloumi), we watched Talkboy – omg so good, infectious guitars and  can we just take a minute to appreciate the amazing vocal ranges? check out this video that actually doesn’t do them justice


Next up we caught the end of Binkbeats, reminded me of a much more upbeat and dance version of Nils Frahm – so many instruments all the bells and whistles, ok so all the bells and pipes and xylophones and maybe not whistles. I wish we’d got here earlier, or rather that he’d been given a later slot to appease me.

Binkbeats doing his thing

Last off we went to watch New Order, one song in and it starts raining but not too much, they played at least 3 Joy Division songs which was ok but without the deep vocals it doesn’t have quite the same effect. HOWEVER I actually enjoyed their set, well what I heard because we did dip back into Nebula for a while, although I forgot who for.

And the next morning, the sun shone and everything was all right in the world and we decided to do it all again next year.

(yes, we’ve booked our tickets already).

Superorganism at Oxford O2 Academy

Day 9/100.

I feel the need to state that I really like the band from what I’ve heard online, so much so that I fully encouraged my husband to buy the vinyl at the gig when he was uming and ahhing whether to buy it. They’re great! However they didn’t really prove to be super anything tonight.

The gig held great promise – as we entered there were signs ‘warning’ us that there would be ‘inflatables and balloons’ and we’d seen photos from gigs around the U.K. over the past week involving the lead singer ‘crowd surfing’ on an inflatable sea mammal.

However we had none of that , there were two band members who seemed to serve no purpose other than to ‘dance’. Eliminate those and maybe we’re getting there. Then after about 35 minutes the entire band apart from the singer left the stage – I don’t know why? Maybe to ‘perk’ up? But during this time alone with the audience to chat the singer started crying with emotion and then told us how unusual it was for her to do this.

At this point I suspected it was some weird ploy for sympathy before launching the dolphin crowd surfing thing, but no.

Just one final song then leaving the stage after a grand total of 40 minutes. They didn’t even play the entire album. For a gig that was advertised as having an 11pm curfew- finishing at 9:40 is really taking the biscuit.

Part of me is hoping that there is a genuine reason for the short gig other than ‘this is just how many songs we play live’ but we’ll see.

Airwaves15 – Day 1

We took it quite slow today, starting the day by heading to Kringlan Mall, which we’ve never done before for a bit of shopping. The husand bought a new hat and I, we I bought some yarn. Three lots of yarn from three different shops. I have a lot of crocheting to do when i get home. After walking back to our apartment, we decided to catch some off venue performances and started at Hlemmur Square – a hostel with a great bar (seriously, they have an amazing beer range, complete with menu with tasting notes), only stones throw from our base. First up were For A Minor Reflection, with their amazing intrumental, experimental, post rock throw down, it was packed, so it was more listen than watch – but this always happens with this band. We then decided to hang around for Börn – a proper post-punk band, the leas singer singing and screaming like her heart was being ripped out with a rusty fork at time. She seriously reminded me of Ian Curtis with her onstage performance.

Börn, Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15

Next up was Miri more rock, less punk, grinding guitars and apparently the drummer also works at Hlemmur!

Miri, Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15

The only official ‘on venue’ gig we managed was Mafama at Idno – it was a bit of an odd one, as a venue, it looked initially like we’d stumbled into a restaurant, that used to be an old cinema or theatre (think huge ornate ceiling). We only stayed for a couple of tracks, due to a few aches and pains and the need to sit down being more pressing. I enjoyed what I saw / heard any how – after listening to them via Spotify for the past few months, the traditional band set up (bar the singer with his errr noise making machine) really surprised me.

Mafama - Iceland Airwaves 04.11.15