7th Hour

So I’m heading in to the 7th hour of the Readathon. Time for some challenge entries – this one from the Un-abridged Chick is to post your ‘Cover Escape’, a book cover that you’d want to escape into.

I chose this one from Evan Shapiro – the empty road leading into the distance of who knows where is one I have coveted over and over, it hints at the unknown and the joy of a spontaneous road trip

a book cover showing an empty road leading into a vanishing point
Road To Nowhere – Evan Shapiro

I’ve even attempted similar shots myself in the past

Lonely Road


Update on my reading, so far I’m up to page 89 of Are The Androids Dreaming Yet? by James Tagg. I know, 6 hours in and only 90 pages, but i keep getting distracted by challenges, and checking out what people are up to on twitter.

This book is awesome, it’s mostly about whether computers can think, like a human. Within the preface I was hooked, as the author talked about Mathematicians Andrew Wiles and Roger Penrose and soon was an image of M C Escher’s impossible staircase print. This was exiting to me, as only 3 days previous I had listened to Roger Penrose give a talk about M C Escher and the impossible staircase and maths and art, all from within the Andrew Wiles building. Geeking out is not the word. The book has also featured Alan Turing’s work, the film Inception (which I loved) and philosophy. (It was also a book I won on a Goodreads Giveaway, so bonus for being a free book!)

Back to the reading…


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