Starting Over..

2014 is going to be a big year in terms of change for me. At the end of 2013 my husband’s temporary job in Oxford went permanent, and so along with packing up and preparing to sell our house in order for the big move I’m now job hunting in Oxford. Which sounds simple enough but I’m actively trying to change my career path, which means translating my work experience from the NHS into another field entirely. So far I’ve managed to get one interview out of about 6 applications, but I’ve only been searching since January, it’s a steep learning curve as it seems in this day and age with jobs being so scarce that no one has the time to give you an individual response to why you were unsuccessful so it’s guess work a lot of the time.

Anyway what has that got to do with this blog? well after not really posting for months and months on my old blog and the ‘design’ side of it not working for me, I decided a brand new shiny blog with a new title would be a good move (although I have imported some old posts that I didn’t want to do away with). I’ve been reading the Zero to Hero posts over on the WordPress Daily Post site which has proved quite inspirational and helped me hone what I want to blog about.

Hence Culturenator: my blog will focus on the cultural stuff I experience, everything from art, music, books and travel to cultural TV shows and an occasional post about my quest for good beer.

I hope you enjoy reading

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