Book Fair Business

So today was the day of the 6th Annual Manchester Artists’ Book Fair. I’m afraid i didn’t get there as bright and early as planned, as costume buying in town took slightly longer than expected, but once I got there it was busy. So busy in fact that it took me several goes to get around to looking at everything. Along side the various styles of Artists’ books (and there was every sort you could imagine, and then some), there were also zines, cards, posters, prints, paper and other book making materials as well as a series of demonstrations (letter press and marbling to name a couple) and talks. I was selling my etching book(let) San Francisco Series [Black]  on the Hot Bed Bookstars stall which was selling the work of five members from the print studios. To sum it up, I didn’t sell anything but the other members sold a few pieces and I’m not sure whether the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair being on at the same time was a help or a hindrance to visitor numbers and sales.

I also bought a couple of items, namely a cute pin badge by Caroline Pratt – who does some seriously awesome ‘abstract forest’ prints as well and this card by Samuel Horsley – i love the sad expression

Sad Minotaur

another artist who stood out for me was Charlotte Vallance who had an array of illustrated pieces based on travel that I found particularly inspiring. Check out some of the links above for more info

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