Round Up

I’ve had a bit of a weird week. At the beginning of the week we had 2 letters on one day to someone who definitely doesn’t live here – which, being suspicious as I am, I opened to find out who they were from to return them and more importantly to ensure it wasn’t for some fraudster. When we first moved here, we had a spate of letters for what turned out to be someone who had defaulted on a loan, we’d been just returning to sender then eventually get one addressed to the owner which was threatening to send the bailiffs round. About 6 months after than we also had someone who gave our address to the police when stopped. So I have absolutely no qualms about opening mail addressed to my house, as it’s nice to know if someone’s going to come round threatening to take all your worldly possessions.

Anyway, the 2 letters were both for someone who has apparently moved to my house unbeknownst to me and my other half and now his doctors are de-registering him – quite simple to post that one back then. Then this morning I get an email from, some kind lady called Candace has sent me a $100 Amazon gift card. Very nice, except it’s not for me, it’s for the rather dim American lady who shares my name and is quite insistent that my email address is hers, which it isn’t as Google kindly point out it doesn’t matter what punctuation you use all emails lead to mine!

Of course now I have to go through the rig amoral of contacting Amazon to ‘give it back’ because I’m not busy enough. Then to top it right off, we get a birthday card through the post. Not for us of course, but for masta (sic) ethan xxx (you can tell it’s a card right off the bat due to the generic hallmark envelope) from all his dear friends at the local church. Yes, your dear, dear Church friends who apparently don’t even know where you live!

On the upside of today, getting everything sorted for the Book Fair tomorrow was pretty smooth, table toppers ironed, pinned, tables & chairs arranged, thanks to a fantastic team of people from Hot Bed Press – the finished result:


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