Nothing to declare

Ok so tonights blog post has been the most difficult so far, in that I’ve struggled all evening to come up with anything to write about, but I guess the fact that I am posting means that the post-a-day challenge is working in so far as getting me writing. That and the fact that the TiVo box decided to reset itself half way through an episode of Law & Order LA.
So tonight being Friday (well it’s now technically Saturday) means a new episode of my favourite tv show Supernatural – which as it’s shown at around 2am GMT means waking to loads of spoilers via the various social networks. This also means trying to catch up myself before Asylum 7 (a Supernatural convention) in 2 weeks, as there will inevitably be lots of chatter and questions between attendees and towards the guests.

If I wasn’t so tired I could probably write about this a lot more, but I’m knackered , so some other time perhaps

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