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Today I’ve been pretty busy, after work I offered to drop my other half and friends in town for a gig, the traffic seemed worse than usual (possibly down to the Mancunian way being shut) and then straight to Hot Bed Press for my usual Thursday night printing fun. However, as it’s the The 6th Manchester Artists’ Book Fair next week and I’m not only (hoping) to sell some of my books, but also helping with the setting up and stall manning etc on the day, there was also a mini meeting about that at the print studios. That, along with printing a couple of more copies, plus the ever looming deadline for the 20:20 Print Exchange that I’m also participating in has kept me very busy tonight.

I still have to ‘make’ my books, the basic print is done, but there’s folding and fiddly stuff to finish, but here’s a sneak peak of what I’m making. It’s a series of etchings made from my travels in the USA. I made a prior version for the Tsunami Appeal Print Sale held at Common bar earlier this year and decided to go ahead and make more.

Etching Booklet

As well as the book fair, the afore mentioned 20:20 print exchange deadline is the week after, I have to produce an edition of 25 prints, which is harder than it sounds when you only have approx 3 hours a week of studio access – all it takes is a couple of bad weeks where stuff goes wrong to throw you well off course!

I should be able to get the 6 or 7 needed to finish the edition done next Thursday, but will be aiming to get their early to make sure! This is the print I’ve produced, based on some Roman ruins

20:20 Print Exchange

I’m getting quite excited as these 2 projects are the 1st two I’ve really got stuck into in years.


Ps you can check out last years prints from the exchange at Hot Bed Press’ Flickr Page

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