So today I had big plans for the blog- getting photos processed so i’d have something to write about, as I have quite an impressive back log with plenty of story. However, I had a pretty crappy day at work (yes I know and am thankful to have a job in today’s climate), the sort of day where your superiors ignore all your hard work and act like you don’t matter, and whilst I try to ignore it (as my day job is not my artistic career) it sometimes still burns.
So after coming home burning with inner rage, I went jogging/running for the first time in over a month, then settled in for a hot bath, red wine, classic fm and the latest copy of Glamour.
Feeling nice and calm I decided to watch a few episodes of Law & Order LA that I’ve series linked on our newly acquired TiVo. This also did not go well, had to reboot the box a couple of times and fiddle with cables but finally! Finally! Got my tv fix, and I have to say, loving this new L&O series, unlike other spin offs such as CSI Miami or Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour which cast wise, left me cold.

The only thing I need to get used to is remembering that I can fast forward the ads.

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