Day 2/100

It’s a lot harder than it looks, remembering to check in even for day two. What will I write about?

Well I’ve almost finished The Laughing Policeman by Scandi crime writing duo Sjöwall & Wahlöö. If you’re not familiar, Sjöwall & Wahlöö were a couple who wrote together up until Per Wahlöö’s death in the 70’s. They’re often referred to as the grandparents of crime fiction. Their joint series are often referred to as the Martin Beck series after the moody and very flawed protagonist. The laughing policeman is the 4th in the series, and I’m almost finished. I think i know who-dunnit unless I get thrown a curve ball in the last 20 or so pages – however this is entirely possible.

It’s quite different from today’s Scandi crime novels that are now so popular – with no DNA, or much forensics to go on, no computer databases or CCTV, the pace is even slower than usual. There’s also very different social issues and moral attitudes of post-war Sweden woven into the depths of these compelling novels.

If you have a favourite from this series let me know in the comments!


So today I had big plans for the blog- getting photos processed so i’d have something to write about, as I have quite an impressive back log with plenty of story. However, I had a pretty crappy day at work (yes I know and am thankful to have a job in today’s climate), the sort of day where your superiors ignore all your hard work and act like you don’t matter, and whilst I try to ignore it (as my day job is not my artistic career) it sometimes still burns.
So after coming home burning with inner rage, I went jogging/running for the first time in over a month, then settled in for a hot bath, red wine, classic fm and the latest copy of Glamour.
Feeling nice and calm I decided to watch a few episodes of Law & Order LA that I’ve series linked on our newly acquired TiVo. This also did not go well, had to reboot the box a couple of times and fiddle with cables but finally! Finally! Got my tv fix, and I have to say, loving this new L&O series, unlike other spin offs such as CSI Miami or Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour which cast wise, left me cold.

The only thing I need to get used to is remembering that I can fast forward the ads.