Iceland road trip (day 9)

Day nine was a day for relaxing – we were heading out to Keflavik to stay at Raven’s BnB for our final few nights. As well as being less that 10 minutes drive from the airport, we had stayed here before when exploring the Reyjanes Peninsula and loved it’s quirky and cosy interior, not to mention the hot tub.

Entrance to the Sky Lagoon

However check-in being from 4pm meant we had a few hours to kill so we had booked into the recently opened Sky Lagoon. If you haven’t heard, its the new lagoon on the block, superceding the blue lagoon with its truly breath-taking views towards downtown Reykjavik. Located in a very unglamorous spot in Kópavogur, basically like driving through an industrial estate – following signs of the kind that get thrown up for temporary roadworks, I was glad it was a very quiet Sunday afternoon. Like all the famous lagoons, you can choose your level of luxury, being fairly budgety people we opted for the ‘Pure Pass Lite’ aka the cheapest ticket that just gets you access to the lagoon and a towel for approx £35 (although checking the prices have already increased by ISK1000 making it more than £40). The higher tiers include various spa options including the ‘7 step ritual’ which sound amazing – you can add them to your pass once in there (you get a wristband connected to your credit card to charge drinks to etc so you can just add on what you want), we saw many a person go up to the security person and ask what was behind the mysterious door.

Mysterious entrance to the 7 Step Ritual

Once you’ve showered naked (you know all about the naked showering in Iceland right? don’t worry they have cubicles for the shy folk) then changed into your bathing suit, you can walk right on into the pool. It’s carved into (or out of?) black rock reminiscent of everywhere else in Iceland and this is totally man made. There was a sort of hushed atmosphere as everyone is a bit in awe – you have to walk/swim around the corner before you can see the infinity pool edge and the views, and the steam rising up from the deliciously warm water just makes it even more cool. Pretty much everyone films it on their phone, some people had special bags to keep their phones safe from water. Anyway.. on to the best bit – the swim up bar! As I was driving I tried the non-alcoholic options (you are limited btw on how many alcoholic drinks you can order on your wristband per person so you don’t end up hammered in a hot pool as that could be pretty disastrous!), and was impressed with the range, I tried a non-alcoholic craft beer from Borg Brugghús called Ylfa Nr.88 which was quite peachy, I also tried an alcohol free rose wine which was also quite peachy from what I remember.

As you can see from the gallery photos, it looks and almost feels like a secret lagoon hidden away in a turf house, it was a fun and relaxed way to kill a few hours. I would definitely do it again! Oh btw there is also a restaurant which looked good but we headed off to our next stop – Keflavik.

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