Iceland road trip (day 7)

Today we headed back to Reykjavík for a couple of days, after the rain and clouds of yesterday we awoke to gorgeous skies of blue streaked with golden sun stained clouds, and the sounds of the waves crashing only a few meters away from our bed.

We mapped our route back to Reykjavík and headed back towards Holmavik for petrol and to look at the pretty church with rainbow steps and for a brief walk around the small town.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, and after a few hours we were back in Reykjavík. We had booked the same accommodation as last week, but this time we had a much more spacious room in the main hotel building which turned out to be a blessing.

I headed out for a walk around the immediate vicinity, Hallgrímskirkja looking lovely in the evening light and made it to the Hand-knitting Association of Iceland to increase my yarn stash! We headed out later for dinner an old favourite Lebowski bar. I don’t think we’ve ever been in there of an evening and it was super busy. Then it was time for more music.

INNI X Stak was a free event featuring INNI artists and collaborators held in a newly opened venue Stak (which also happens to be attached by way of a staircase to Smekleysa records), there was also free beer provided by RVK brewing.

It was a full 3 hours of music from the likes of Kaktus Einarsson, JFDR, Örvar Smárason, Sín Fang and Atli Örvarsson; ranging from acoustic Spanish guitar, through to experimental electronic and of course the wondrous classical-esque soundscapes I love from Atli. A successful evening!

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