A long break

I have to be honest, when I fired up my blog a few weeks ago I was pretty shocked to see my last posts were from Bluedot Festival last July, more shocked that I never published my posts from the last day of the festival. I had intended to blog in part of what was supposed to be the last ever Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon in April. It turned out to be saved at the 11th hour and now I don’t feel bad for not blogging then either.

Last year I turned 40 and like SO MANY people, I made a ridiculous list of 40 things to do before I turned 40 blah blah. Part way through I deleted it, I was starting to feel guilty everytime I remembered the list, and the reason I forgot it is because most of it didn’t really matter, I guess because I’m mostly the sort of person who doesn’t put off the things I really want to do until it’s too late. The only ones I cared about (probably 2-3 goals) were the ones I completed which were to do with reading and travel. As 2020 rolled in, I couldn’t even be bothered to commit to blog any ‘resolutions’, I reset my Goodreads reading challenge and carried on. It’s been great for my mental health as last year anxiety reared it’s ugly head so I have no plans to put unrealistic pressures on myself.

Abandoned doll, Summertown.

So today, when the world is going to hell in a handbasket (hope I got that right), I decided to change up my blog theme and thought I’d just sit at the computer and see what came out. It’s quite refreshing to just let go. I’m going to try (rather than promise myself) that I will post a bit more regularly and get some photos up – I’ve been trying to get out everyday for a 5km walk during lockdown and photographing some of the weirder stuff I see or the things I usually don’t even notice. Hoping it might turn out a half decent set of images, but for now I’m signing off as it’s way too late.

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