Quick snippet from the Faroes

So last month for my birthday, we took a very special trip to the Faroe Islands. Somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a couple of years, due to it’s outstanding beautiful nature. It’s going to take several weeks (maybe months tbh) to plough through all my photos, so I thought I’d post a few of my phone camera shots as a taster..

Although we didn’t do any of the popular hikes that people travel to the Faroes to do, I think we still saw a lot of the Islands and their amazing nature (not exclusively Sandavágur, Sørvágur, Miðvágur, Syðrugøta, Vestmanna, Gásaladur, Klaksvík, Svínoy, Runavík, Tjørnuvík, Gjógv, Kirkjubøur and Tórshavn) and it was so unlike anything I’ve experienced before. For the first two nights we stayed in a hostel, then moved North and stayed in an AirBnB which was described as a ‘traditional fisherman’s house’ and was amazing. When we arrived the keys were just on a hook outside the house – its the sort of place where people don’t lock their doors or cars, and the village had no shops or cafes etc. We managed to take a helicopter to Svínoy and the ferry back. We saw (and heard) a LOT of the national bird, the oyster catcher, slammed on the brakes for sheep numerous times, walked a lot steep hills and had surprisingly good weather for 5 out of 8 days we were there (dare I say, it was warm.. I caught the sun on my face).

If you want to see more photos, for now check out my flickr album which I’ll be updating as I go along, if you want to hear more stories then subscribe to the blog to be notified of the next one.

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