That old chestnut

Well 2019 rolled around and with it, I feel the need to push out another “these are my goals for 2019”. Except this year for me is a bit special, it’s the year I turn 40 whilst still feeling like I’m in my mid-20s. So I tried to come up with a list of 40 things I’d like to achieve within the next 12 months, some with a 40-theme, but mostly just fun things I want to do in the next year. By committing to paper/internet I’m hoping it will help me stay focused to commit the funds required in order to do said fun things.  I’ll be honest, I don’t get hung up by ‘resolutions’ I didn’t achieve – in fact a couple of those from last year are repeated this year – this year I have firmer plans to implement. However for the most part, I just love setting goals such as ‘reading 40 books in 2019’ but the catch is they have to be 40 books I already own, as of 1st January 2019. Because I am a bugger for buying a ton of books (both new and from second hand shops, my kryptonite) whilst my TBR pile extends over 2 free-standing bookshelves worth!

Learning to knit continental style is something I really, really want to do (I’m a crocheter btw). Through my knitting group I’ve met some amazing people who can knit at the speed of light, all of them knit continental style so this may appease my impatience at making things.

Another goal is to travel 1st class – I’ve left that open ended, because unless I win some sort of competition I am fairly certain it wont be by air, but by train because I don’t think a few extra inches of legroom and a couple of glasses of wine warrant triple the price.

A few other goals revolve around my Brewdog EFP membership – they run a ‘Beer Visa’ scheme where you get various rewards for having your beer passport stamped in the 50+ bars. It’s a good motivator for beer trips (although who knows, with Brexit maybe having your passport stamped won’t be so much fun!) and I’ve already got a Sweden trip to encompass 3 bars in 1 weekend planned!


But for the most part quite a few of my goals are just for the purpose of focusing my energy – on things I want to do, but never quite get around to or put off because I’m too scared (see submitting work to photo or print competitions!)

Anyway, I still have 3 more goals to add to my list, so welcoming suggestions in the comments. What have you chosen to tackle over the next 12 months?


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