Day 3/100 – No focus

I’ve read plenty of guides on how to get on with writing, all say that the most important part is showing up and doing, rather than not. So I’m showing up, but my plan to perhaps share some photos from tonight’s Oxford Drunken Knitwits has been hindered in part due to the fact that I didn’t take any! We met at the Victoria in Jericho which is a very cosy pub, that does pies very well, however my choice tonight was the halloumi fries – dangerous good. I made good headway with a shawl I’m crocheting for a friend’s birthday (Hlíf from from this Istex pattern book) and discussions about potential pub quiz subjects were bartered around.


Halloumi Fries

I’ve since returned home and catching up with a program about Vikings from BBC4 a few evenings ago – A Time Watch Guide – Vikings Friend Or Foe. I’m not sure whether this is a re-run? or just contains many clips from the Neil Oliver series that was on – but I’ve certainly seen parts of it, but interesting non-the-less. One such part was how some researchers spent time getting DNA samples from Scottish Islands and other parts of the UK and tracing Norweigan strands which was then used to produce a map of where Viking heritage would be across the UK. Suffice to say, based on this my otherhalf is most certainly Viking given his Orcadian heritage (and obviously this explains the impressive beard).

Without getting too sidetracked I should probably get on with reading the afore mentioned Neil Oliver’s book about Viking’s that I bought earlier this year…


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