100 Days of Blogging

Day 1/100

I don’t really know where this came from (but it seems like it’s a popular blogging idea), aside from the fact that I was trying to come up with some sort of challenge to make me blog more. And whilst I could wait for the good’ ol NaBloPoMo to start in less than 2 weeks, I was keen as it felt like now or never. Although to be fair, it could be now and next week forgotten, much like the Artist’s Way, a sort of self-help book to get the creative juices flowing again.. I lasted a week. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed the forced started the day with writing 3 pages of anything, pouring the contents of your head into a journal never to be seen again, but the second week – I just had too much stuff on and the luxury of time just wasn’t on my side. But with a blog, I’m going to give myself some leeway and allow posts that are mostly pictures if I so choose.


Not that I’m short of stuff to write about really – I’m going to Iceland Airwaves in a few weeks and I’ve been trying to listen to all the artists playing at least once – so that sure is a lot of music to blog about. Above is a shot from last year of the amazing intrumental For A Minor Reflection ~ I only realised this week that I’ve not processed about 80% of the photos from that trip… as things tend to get away with me. I’ve also been to a few bookish and non-bookish events that I hope to update on.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my self affliction for the next 3 and a bit months (if I make it that far).


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