Blog Challenge: Beating Procrastination And Overwhelm

Day 7, and I’m already feeling the pressure of remembering to post. Today’s challenge is to think of an imperfect action you could do everyday and how it would feel to do it everyday for 30 days. The very obvious option would be to blog everyday, there was a time in my life a few years ago, where I would get up early and write something on my blog every morning before work – whether I hit publish or not. It was a good habit to have because I started the day thinking about my creative side, it’s something I could definitely do again, so that would be a good personal challenge – because I know I have been very guilty of the charges of not posting something because it wasn’t ‘perfect’.


The only problem with that, was that I would procrastinate so long, the moment would pass – blogging about an exhibition for example that I would be so excited about, I wanted to tell other people to go visit, except it would be over before I’d posted the final draft. I could also think of several other things though, such as photo-editing or working on my website. So I think I’ve decided that my personal challenge I’m going to take away from this exercise is to do 1 creative thing everyday, no matter how small. So if I only have 10  minutes to spare, that’s enough time to whip up a quick blog post, or process a photo or two in Lightroom.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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