Back in the game

Or trying to be. I realised today, that it’s February. Not that I only just realised what month it was, but that my usual new years resolution of writing and blogging more often still had not gone beyond the draft stages. Such is my proclivity for procrastination, that I’ve done nothing more than make lists of what I should be doing and reading articles on why people fail at keeping resolutions, smugly thinking “that’s not me”!

I also have more drafts that posts, because I spend so much time self editing, that the posts become past their sell by date. So a challenge for myself is to throw caution to the wind and try to just throw down some words on the paper/keyboard and hope that something good spills out. Hopefully I’ll find my writing style in the process and perhaps my mojo which I think I lost down the back of the sofa midway through 2015.

So maybe, just maybe by throwing my challenges out in the open, will make me more inclined to stick to them.

  1. To post at least once per week ie maybe some weeks I’ll post twice and not another week – as long as I end up with 52 posts by February 2017.
  2. Aim to post about events within 5 days of said event, it seems pointless to me to say, post a review raving about an exhibition I think people should see, if it’s already closed by the time i post about it.
  3. To not overly edit or fret. Just spill my guts onto the page, metaphorically speaking.
  4. To get better at saying what I mean. I read a lot, and I always fail at book reviews other than saying ‘I think it’s awesome’
  5. To blog from my phone/tablet. One of my main excuses internally for not posting very often is that I dont have time once I sit in front of my PC. I think posting from a tablet/phone may also improve 3. as editing too much on a small device is tedious.

Au revoir!


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