Airwaves Day 2 in brief

Day 2 was a bit of a wipe out for us off venue wise, I had a headache that started to turn into a migraine that needed sleeping off in a darkened room which meant we didn’t venture out until late afternoon to try and see Mugison at Bunk Bar, after fighting our way through the throngs of people stood in the doorway yet again we headed downstairs where we bagged a table with a good view of the screen, I think we possibly caught the end of Ikorni’s set also as they were running late but I wasn’t overly impressed.
Mugison however was as on it as ever, after he and his band fought their way to the stage (at this point it’s seeming quite ridiculous), he played about 4 to 5 songs I think only 1 was new, it was great to hear songs I had seen previously performed by Mugison as a one man band with full percussion to bring a much richer sound, especially for the finale with Murr Murr which had the whole crowd going.
For the on venue evening it was another trip to Harpa – this time we saw the ever amazing For a minor reflection. We saw them last year in the teeny tiny space at Hlemmur Square, so again it was great to see them perform in a larger venue with their instrumental beautifully layered soundscapes.
Next up was Emilie Nicolas from Norway who’s sound was large vocals over a fun poppy sound, very popular with lots of folk singing along to her tracks!
After this is was back to our apartment for an early-ish night as tomorrow was the day Flaming Lips tickets were being given out first come, first served!

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