Places I’ll miss in Manchester – Part 1

If you’ve read my bio, you might be aware that in the process of moving around 250 miles down South to join my husband where’s he taken up a really good job in Oxford. The Day 4 writing challenge was a 3 part series on the theme of loss, I’ve interpreted it slightly differently than intended and I’m going to let you in on a few of my favourite places in Manchester that I’ll miss the most when I move later this year

Part 1 – Takk, 6 Tariff Street, Manchester

So much more than just another coffee shop, this Icelandic inspired coffee house has to be the most chilled and welcoming place I’ve been to. The back wall is lined with old school desks and you might notice, plug sockets for your laptop and other devices as they encourage people to use the space to work or just hangout, with free wifi as well as offering free refills on the drip coffee!


takk manchester coffee bar

They also do some damn tasty food – freshly made sandwiches and home-made soup (I’m not a soup person, but I took my mum to Takk for lunch and she had the most amazing bowl of soup there, i struggled to keep my hands of it, seriously) and also a good changing selection of cakes and brownies, not to mention of course the coffee – they are seriously serious about the coffee and offer many special blends designed to be drunk black and they’ll be happy to help you in your choice.

But back to the atmosphere – this is what holds this place as special for me, it’s somewhere I can go to in town, sit down with my book or writing pad and just lose myself and not feel like I’m taking up space, if they’d bring back the cinnamon buns I’d be ecstatic


The walls of Takk also play host to a bit of art here and there, from the hand drawn map of Iceland featuring famous names and places, to an exhibition of Icelandic photography there’s also a poster pillar to keep you in the know of the most happening events in town.


Icelandic Map

Did I mention they’re also pet friendly? this makes them pretty awesome in my book, I’ll be seriously sad not to have Takk practically on my doorstep in future

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