Tying the knot

So I’ve really not achieved my goal of regular blogging this year so far. The past 2 to 3 months have passed in a blur and I feel absolutely exhausted like I haven’t had 5 minutes to stop and breathe (and those moments I have, I’ve collapsed in a crumpled heap). I get married in less than a week, we opted to get married abroad for several reasons but the main ones were that we wanted something small and something un complicated. Sp whilst our wedding coordinator in the US arranges everything from the limo to pick us up at the hotel, to state park licences and fees, minister, photographer etc meaning we had relatively little to do other than pick something to wear and turn up. What I didn’t factor was the logistics of organising our post wedding road trip part of which will be with friends who’ve travelled several thousands of miles to celebrate with us.  Car hire, 10 different accomodations, coordinating destinations and accommodations with fellow travellers, what to see and do in each place we visit (if we get to the destination early enough to do something other than eat, drink & be merry, not to mention all the documents and general guff we’ve had to take with us.  So tomorrow we leave for the airport and with any luck we’ll be updating our wedding blog on the road with a few photos and stories of wild nights out west




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