Artisan Flickr Meet

Ok so I’ve been thrown off my post a day stride when thinking I could cleverly pen a swift  post using the wordpress app, like I did yesterday, added a few tweaks this morning and went to add the photo – only for the app to freeze. When it eventually defrosted, my post had melted and was no more – so I’ve had to wait to get to my pc in an attempt to re write yesterday’s and come up with today’s.

So yesterday I went on a flickr meet with the lovely Manchester UK group in celebration of Brian’s 70th Birthday. We started at Kro Piccadilly rather than our usual Font, nicely avoiding the demonstrations and associated road closures brought about by the Tories having their party party here in sunny Manc. The most favoured destination for today’s (or rather yesterday’s) wander was a new Artisan Market being held underneath the arches in Castlefield. With an assortment of delish food stalls (everything from cheese, cakes, olives and meat), antiques, hand made wares and music, there was even a bit of lindy hopping going on despite the inevitable downpour on the way.

Old Hag Cheese

Although my favourite part was definitely the book barge – does what it says on the tin, a book shop, on barge boat. After we were shopped out, we stepped into what was formerly Barca, and is now Top Med/Bohemia, for a coffee – big mistake, it could only be described as foul. 2 sugars for a non sugar taking person couldn’t make it taste nice, so there was no other choice but a cheeky glass of beer.

Generic Beer Shot
Generic Beer Shot

For the final leg of the meet, the very kind Lisa & Helen of Sweet Mandarin in the Northern Quarter put on a very nice spread for Brian’s birthday, including a cake with plenty of candles that had to be blown out more than once for all the photographs!

Chinese Lantern

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