Day 23/100

Today I spent the day in London for work, a conference at the Wellcome Collection, a fantastic space close to Euston, that also has a gallery hosting excellent health themed exhibitions regularly. I won’t go into details about the event I was at for work, but I will say that the conference spaces are also filled with medical themed artworks by various luminaries but by far, is in the catering space the wall adorned with Martin Parr’s food photos of sickly sweet, bright pink doughnuts and other sticky treats!


The exhibition upstairs was about buildings and our environments and how they affect health, e.g. slum housing of the past 2 centuries, from their website:

Featuring works by Andreas Gursky, Rachel Whiteread and Martha Rosler, as well as buildings designed by Goldfinger, Lubetkin and Aalto, this exhibition examines some of the ways in which architects, planners and designers influence our health, self-esteem and ideas about society.

So if you find yourself at a loose end in Euston you could do worse that nip in and visit the Wellcome collection (they also have an irrisistable cafe and bookshop!).