Decision time

I’ve been busy this week trying to select between 4-6 images to get printed for Oxford Artweeks in May. I’m exhibiting with a group of 9 other photographers who know each other through the Oxford Flickr Group (anyone remember when Flickr group meets used to attract upwards of thirty photographers of a wide range of knowledge and skill?) and we’re privileged to be exhibiting in the Mathematical Institute aka the Andrew Wiles Building, part of the University of Oxford.

One of the main challenges for everyone involved is that the hanging space is fixed to a size of A0 in a portrait dimension. This means that we either have to: present portrait images in a large scale format, present multiple landscape images within the the same frame, still at a fairly large scale or become creative with our presentation methods and present multiple images of varying sizes within the frame.



So far I haven’t moved much past the point of selecting images, and I need to get a move on because my regular, tried and tested printing company currently have an offer on large scale prints which means I can do some test images without breaking the bank too much.

I’ve included a couple here for perusal, in case you hadn’t guessed I’m choosing to display some images from my road trip in Iceland that I blogged about many months ago.

On the road

I’ve been asked many a time why Iceland? I’m not sure I know myself yet. What I do know is that I’ve met physically and in the realm of the internet many people who become self confessed ‘Icelandophiles’ falling instantly in love with the island, it’s culture, landscape, people and particularly the music. For me it was definitely more of a slow burner, I’ve always been much more of a city gal. Prior to visiting Iceland some of my favourite places were New York, Prague, Paris. Cities full of people, places full of bustle, sensory overload where I could find my inner calm and joy at the same time.
But then until this last visit, I’d not experienced the same ‘small fish in huge pond’ sensation that excites me being in a city, in a barren and empty landscape before. Because that’s how it is to me, I’m still the outsider, sitting there quietly observing, even is that something is not ‘doing’ very much.

Now I feel its time for bed, to sleep and think some more about this.


Back in the game

pile of books on a table

Or trying to be. I realised today, that it’s February. Not that I only just realised what month it was, but that my usual new years resolution of writing and blogging more often still had not gone beyond the draft stages. Such is my proclivity for procrastination, that I’ve done nothing more than make lists of what I should be doing and reading articles on why people fail at keeping resolutions, smugly thinking “that’s not me”!

I also have more drafts that posts, because I spend so much time self editing, that the posts become past their sell by date. So a challenge for myself is to throw caution to the wind and try to just throw down some words on the paper/keyboard and hope that something good spills out. Hopefully I’ll find my writing style in the process and perhaps my mojo which I think I lost down the back of the sofa midway through 2015.

So maybe, just maybe by throwing my challenges out in the open, will make me more inclined to stick to them.

  1. To post at least once per week ie maybe some weeks I’ll post twice and not another week – as long as I end up with 52 posts by February 2017.
  2. Aim to post about events within 5 days of said event, it seems pointless to me to say, post a review raving about an exhibition I think people should see, if it’s already closed by the time i post about it.
  3. To not overly edit or fret. Just spill my guts onto the page, metaphorically speaking.
  4. To get better at saying what I mean. I read a lot, and I always fail at book reviews other than saying ‘I think it’s awesome’
  5. To blog from my phone/tablet. One of my main excuses internally for not posting very often is that I dont have time once I sit in front of my PC. I think posting from a tablet/phone may also improve 3. as editing too much on a small device is tedious.

Au revoir!